Let’s get social!

Social media is a big part of how I tell stories. It also allows readers to follow along with me as I create the content for articles by seeing information gathering as it happens. I also use social media as a resource for article ideas.

Occupy My Family 
Website – occupymyfamily.com
Facebook – facebook.com/OccupyMyFamilyATL
Twitter – @OccupyMyFamily
Instagram – instagram.com/OccupyMyFamily
Vine – @OccupyMyFamily

Drive My Family
Website – drivemyfamily.com
Facebook – facebook.com/DriveMyFamily
Twitter – @DriveMyFamily
Instagram – instagram.com/DriveMyFamily
Vine – @DriveMyFamily

write EILEEN write 
Website – writeEILEENwrite.com
Twitter – @writeEILEEN
Instagram – instagram.com/writeEILEENwrite
Vine – @writeEILEEN

So, you want me to write about your brand?

Sounds great! Send me a 500+ word pitch as a PDF and 25 MB of photos. Yeah… no.

It’s true, I want to hear from you. But, keep it short and sweet. Let’s build a rapport and start off on the right foot.

I do read every email I get. It’s true. You might not hear back from me right away but that doesn’t mean that your note has gone unnoticed. I will do the best I can to get back to you as soon as possible if your pitch is relevant to my work.

Emails can be sent to eileen@writeEILEENwrite.com.

Hold up. You want me to write for you?

Even better! Let’s connect via email (eileen@writeEILEENwrite.com) or Twitter (@writeEILEEN).